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Stacie offers veterinary physiotherapy primarily to equines and canines, although any animal may benefit from physiotherapy so please contact us if you have an animal that may require help. Within a veterinary physiotherapy session, Stacie uses a range of manual therapy and electrotherapies, which are selected based on the findings from the full static and dynamic assessment. Following this remedial exercises are discussed and left with the owner,  which are designed to improve any weaknesses that were identified within the session. Please click below to find out more. 


Stacie uses a range of different electrotherapy devices within her veterinary physiotherapy session, all of which have very different effects. 


Manual therapies include massage, stretching and myofascial release. A combination of all three will be used within a session. 


Remedial exercises will be discussed and demonstrated where necessary. These exercises are given as 'homework' to be completed between visits. 

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