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Welcome to Stacie Whitrod Veterinary Physiotherapy

Stacie Whitrod is a qualified veterinary physiotherapist, offering professional veterinary physiotherapy services to animals in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions including Hull, Doncaster and Grantham. Veterinary physiotherapy is concerned with the therapeutic management of pain, restoring optimal function and improving welfare of an animal, whether an athlete or a companion.

Veterinary physiotherapy sessions include a full static and dynamic assessment of the animal to identify muscular imbalances, areas of weakness and any possible restrictions in range of motion. Following this, a variety of techniques may be used including, manual therapies, electrotherapies and remedial exercises. All sessions are tailored to each animals' needs, and owner exercises can be discussed which may be performed between physiotherapy visits. 

Working as part of a team alongside your animals' veterinarian and other professionals, Stacie aims to provide a long-term improvement to both welfare and performance. 



"Stacie is a lovely, professional and very knowledgeable lady. She came out to look at my pony, of which was showing signs of left sided tension and not bending at all to the left. After a thorough check over Stacie worked her magic and I saw massive improvements in Symba. I will never use anyone else again! Thank you so much Stacie!"


"Outstanding service from Stacie, nothing is too much trouble. Really approachable, professional and fantastic with our horses. I would highly recommend Stacie to anyone wanting their horses or dogs to have physiotherapy. Stacie has worked wonders on our 22 year old Welsh section B. Super, super, super knowledgeable, friendly, 1o* service."


"Stacie is a fantastic physio and has worked wonders with my daughters horse we are over the moon with her and look forward to working with her again soon."


Equine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services provided for leisure horses and competitions horses, for general maintenance and rehabilitation from injury.

Canine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services provided for companions and athletic dogs, for general maintenance and rehabilitation from injury.

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